Sarah Shevon
With @TheMickeyMod at @kinkdotcom

With @TheMickeyMod at @kinkdotcom

Playing #DayZ. Watch me

Playing #DayZ. Watch me

Hey it's me Sarah. How do you like life? Do you like Doritos? Do you like Rainbows?

Life’s alright… I do like rainbows, but I’m not into Doritos.  

Have you ever considered shaving your head like Lily LaBeau?

Nope, never considered it. Besides, I’ve been growing my hair long after having a very short haircut 5 years ago. It’s finally long. 

Sarah i am bigest fan of yours can you tell which is the most nasty movie of yours

Thanks, but I honestly have no idea. Depends on your perception of nasty, I guess. 

Hey,sarah,I'm a poor guy from China,you are the reason why i applied a tumblr. Wish U a good day and gorgeous forever.Loving U ....

Awesome! :-) Thanks for the follow! 

hi sarah, i like your films, i was watching an ir scene where you said national average size in asia and india are smaller, the thing is im an asian guy and i dont have a small one at, and i always have to hear that from people, stereotypes, was that from a script or did u just say that bcoz there is no way to measure size, an organization would have to gather thousands of men and measure them hard. also, why is IR porn only with blacks? they might be a lil bigger, but look at africa?

I was referring to a reference that showed the average size per country. I’m not sure how they determine it but guys love talking about their penises so I’m sure it wasn’t hard to gather the data. I know not all Asian penises are small.